April 6, 2012

There is a lot to be happy about: I am alive, I have full use of my body, a roof over my head, a great network of friends and family, and a profession that I love.  

As simple as they may sound, these are amazing things that we all should be grateful for. These aren’t things that just happened – they have been around for years. It is easy to forget and become ungrateful. It is what most people do.  

People take their health for granted, their loved ones, and their jobs. The only realize how important these things are when they start to lose them – when it is already to late.  

Besides remembering to cherish what we already have, the little things that we accomplish should be celebrated too.   I am happy that I have been running every morning for two weeks straight. It is simple and nothing to call the Guinness World Book of Records about, as I have done it many times before 🙂  

But, it is a step towards a big victory. Rather than delay gratification for a big goal, reward yourself along the way. Every milestone you hit should give you a sense of pride and lift up your spirits to make you perform even better.   Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to come around, celebrate everything that is a great about your life. From what you have had for decades, to the little things you just conquered. Keeping yourself happy will keep you motivated and make you go out and do more good things!    

Another thing that I am happy about is my upcoming LIVE Webinar, This Saturday (4/7/12) at 2pm EST!   I will be teaching all the variations of the Guillotine Choke such as the Arm-In Guillotine, and Half Guard Guillotines, along with all of FFA’s variations including the Guillotine Elevator, and the Genchitine.   If you are a member of my email list, you will get the login instructions in an email tomorrow morning.  

If you haven’t joined my email list, click the link below to get started!   https://davidavellan.com/webinar1-register

  • I’m glad you are running again! 🙂

  • Dont change ..Keep up the good work….

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