July 22, 2012

Most people spend their life avoiding uncomfortable circumstances.

  • Talking to your neighbor about their dog barking that is keeping you up at night
  • Confessing to your friend a lie you told them
  • Breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Asking a “dumb” question that you need an answer to
  • Going to the beach as an overweight person
  • Working out at the gym, LOL!
  • Insert your uncomfortable situation

It is a natural phenomenon of animal behavior.

Avoid pain, seek pleasure – in that order.

There is one problem with that: to attain our greatest pleasures we must go through pain.

You cannot win a fight without stepping into the age and taking a few punches in the face.

You cannot get into great shape without doing intense work outs.

I am not telling you anything revolutionary here.

No pain, no gain.

The revelation that most people don’t realize is that this concept is also true on a emotional level.

Many people avoid confrontations with people (friend, co-worker, boss, spouse) because they don’t want to deal with the emotional pain that will come with it.

But to develop yourself and create more character, you need to feel the pain and embrace it.

Deep down, we all know this too. But we try to delay the inevitable just because the fear of pain.

We try to cover ourselves up and shield ourselves, rather than to be naked and exposed.

The conclusion is simple:

If you don’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will never grow.

When you are comfortable, there is no need to grow. You are already doing everything good enough to your satisfaction. This is why most people stay in the same place for their whole lives.

It is only once you get uncomfortable that you start to make changes.

For example, we all at some point have caught a pebble in our shoe and kept walking. A slight annoyance is acceptable. Only until that pebble jabs you in the right spot and makes you uncomfortable do you make the effort to remove it.

Physically and emotionally we change under the same conditions.

What does this mean to you in terms of MMA training?

If you train and are only going at 50%, you will never make significant improvements to your conditioning. Your cardio will not be tested, so your body won’t get tired. As a result, your cardiovascular system will have no need to improve. It will be easy to do, but accomplishes nothing.

Dan Gable set the benchmark for training. His goal was to be so exhausted that he could not walk out of the training room.

For him, training was infinitely harder than any competition he entered, which is why he has excelled at everything he has done.

This is easier said than done.

Pushing yourself to the breaking point takes a great deal of discipline and courage.

You have to embrace the pain and everything that comes with it.

It is a trial by fire.

Just getting close to it can be enough to scare off the timid as the heat rushes through your body. Everything that is weak burns painfully, creating a foul stench that only a strong will can endure.

There will come a point where it becomes unbearable and you will want to flee but fear not – for that is the moment you have been waiting for.

Much like how a wounded lion fights fiercely, so does weakness. That peak in pain is the last effort of a desperate ego. Persist a little further, and you will have completed the trial and be reborn.

The new you has new limits, ideas, and self concepts that will make you a better person.

Going through such a trial once is challenging.

A champion goes through them every training session.

Road Map to Success:

  • Set your Goals
  • Tap into your Motivation so you can pursue your Goals with Discipline
  • Push yourself beyond your limits and embrace change

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

P.S. > For a quick motivational pump covering exactly what I was talking about here, check this video out:


  • I really loved this and needed to see it, and read it. You have helped me start a long process that is shorter as it has started today at my sparring practice.
    Again Gracias,
    Nathaniel” The Game Dog” Baker

  • Congratulations on winning the Internet Marketer Award!

  • This is one of the most inspiring things I have ever read! It applies to everything in life and ever since I have tried to live by that philosophy every area of my life has improved significantly! Thanks for your awesome post!

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