October 17, 2013

Yesterday was a relaxing day.

With my weight right on point, we decided to do some site-seeing and visit the Great Wall of China. Our mighty group of warriors consisted of Rickson Gracie, Kron Gracie, Cyborg, Tanquinho, Joao, Andy, Marcos, and myself.

It was a breath-taking view to see how far the walls span! The amount of labor that it must have taken to make a wall that large, over mountainous terrain is behind imagination. We took plenty of pictures, and had time to appreciate the history and significance of the site.

The surprise was coming down the great wall, which was via toboggan! It is about 2-3mins going down hill at fast speed. It was quite a thrill, until one of the riders ahead of Kron was going super slow, causing a massive traffic jam. I got rear-ended by my brother, who got hit by Joao, who got hit by Tanquinho, who got hit by Cyborg! LOL!

No casualties were sustained, only a lot of laughs. đŸ™‚

Afterwards, I got in a good training session to maintain my weight, followed by a authentic Chinese dinner with new arrivals DJ Jackson and Nyjah Easton.

This morning, I woke up 3 pounds light, so I had a great breakfast and hydrated to just under 1 pound. The venue is literally across the road, so we walked over to the weigh-ins, were I got to meet up with many friends and BJJ greats: Eddie Bravo, Dean Lister, Vinny Magalhaes, Renato Miglaccio, and Rafael Lovato Jr.

I made weight easy, 87.4kg (limit is 87.9kg). Now I am gearing up to eat again.

Remember, if you want to watch the ADCC Live, check out this link for the details:


Also, if you want to see what the odds are on who is going to win ADCC this year and make some bets, you can go here:

2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships Odds

  • Catherine says:

    I am loving your journal entries. What an amazing adventure!

  • Yo David thanks for posting. That is truly an awesome adventure. Your the man bro!

  • So if the limit is 87.9 kg (around 193) what will you guys weigh when you compete? Oh Yeah, good luck. You are just a few wins away from fulfilling your dream.

    • We have to weigh in everyday of competition at the same weight, so there won’t be much variance in weight, maybe an extra 2 or 3 pounds.

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