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Russian Arm Drag to Eagle Claw Pass


My friend Kit Dale has been showing a lot of techniques using a variety of Russian 2 on 1 grips, so I figured I would show a simple one you could use from your feet and tie it into a guard pass.

This Russian Arm Drag is similar to your conventional arm drag, but in reverse hand positions. It lends well into a shot. In this case I went with a head inside single leg and flowed into what I call the Eagle Claw.

This grip allows you to control your opponent’s ankle with ease, and lends to a strong passing position. Most people never grip this way, so if you learn this tip you will be ahead of the curve. Check it out!

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kordali says November 2, 2018

hello dear David,i use your Thechniques with my fighters Best Regards kordali

    David Avellan says November 2, 2018

    That’s awesome! 🙂

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