The Weirdest Way to Open Guard – The Rolling Cartwheel

This is probably the weirdest way to open guard that I know of. You might watch this and think, “That will never work!”

But it does.

I have done this in competition against a BJJ Black Belt to open his guard en route to a heel hook victory. It is one of those moves I forgot about it, but I’m going to bring it back. 🙂

I can guarantee that 99.99% of people have never seen or felt this before, so you will definitely catch people by surprise. Plus, it can put you into a very powerful ankle lock and even a Boston crab submission. Definitely worth having in your back pocket.

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What did you think?

  • Marlon Hodges says:

    Very cool I like how you bait the leg grab.

  • John Morton says:

    Great old school technique! I’ve used this in tournaments…the “Bear Crawl” version work well also! Keep up the great content! OSS!

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