October 12, 2013

Well, after arriving yesterday in Beijing, I think (not sure what day with time shift lol), I was fortunate to share a cab with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. I normally don’t get a taxi until I’m outside, but as we were walking out someone followed us around with decent english, so we took a chance with him. I usually look up what it costs for an average fare, but I came unprepared this time. I figured I would pay more than I should, but I didn’t realize how much.

After negotiating a fare of 280 yuan each (about $50 USD), I got into my room and settled in. My student Che Moreno came in on another flight after us, and said he got ripped off on the taxi. I asked him how much he paid, and he said 80 yuan!


After a good laugh, I remembered why I always get taxis outside of the airport. 🙂

So far, I have yet to see the sun here in Beijing. The skies are grey all day long it seems. I forget how foreign everything is on the other side of the world. The language is so vastly different. I might as well be on an alien planet. I have learned the numbers, and how to say hello, taxi, and hotel. But when you here people talk, it is very fast and hard to keep up. And don’t get my started on the writing! Still, it is amazing to see and cool to experience being a true foreigner and having to rely on body language to get a message across.

Had a nice breakfast this morning of asian pears, green tangerines bananas, watermelon, a slice of wheat toast and scrambled eggs. I will be keeping things simple and not try anything too foreign until after ADCC.

Well, as of now it is Sunday morning in Beijing and time to get my first work out in. It is going to be mostly cardio: elliptical, bike, and some shadow wrestling. Later today, I have my brother joining me, and I may join up with Cyborg later to do some drilling.

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it to Miami to train before the event. I spent a month at the dentist and a specialist office after getting what seemed to be a harmless finger gouge to my mouth grappling. After wasting a month and some money, I’m good as new… sort of – and back training full-time. Too bad it wasn’t in time to come down. Next time I’m in Miami, hopefully I’ll be able to stop in and train with the new ADCC Champion…

  • Rick Villazon says:

    All the best Master Dave. Really enjoy reading your blog!

  • Cesar Ospina says:

    I had the pleasure of watching David compete in grappling tournaments around the north east; then around 2006 met him personally at a nuclear power plant in Florida, for those of you that don’t know David is an engineer (the nuclear power plant had hire him). After talking with him awhile, he invited me to his school in south Miami. A few days later I arrived at the school unannounced, David was not there yet, his brother Marcos was and he greeted me very respectfully after I told him I was a blue belt from a well known BJJ master. We talked till David arrived and the 3 of us proceeded to have one of the coolest and most interesting conversations. The point is; I always admired the way they competed; honest, hard nose, innovative (I admitted to them that I copied their guard passes with great success) and never made excuses, but after getting to know a little better, I became a fan. Best of luck to all the guys competing, specially you David, a fan always. Cesar

    • Hey Cesar! Thank you for the kinds words, and I’m glad I have had a positive impact on you. 🙂

  • Great keep it all simple ,My biggest worry fighting in a foriegn country was the water and food.Other than that sounds good Champ.We are watching you like a Hawk Champ just arriving there you already won!!! You are going to eat these guys for breakfast lunch and dinner and still be ready for desert!!!!!

  • At least they are friendly , in Iraq they weren’t to fond of us Americans.
    Best of luck!! Win it!!

  • Aaron Gustaveson says:

    protect your lungs, that grey is smog!

    • Yes, I have breathing masks. I haven’t been outside much though, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Paul Royal says:

    my time is south-east asia has twisted my reality. Now, when I ask how much, anything over $5 is VERY suspect. I am 20 years out. But I suspect it is not too far off the mark today. As always, there are always those who will rip off the “RICH” Americans. Don’t fall for it. You just say NO and walk away. You will be amazed at how fast they will turn to drop the price and make you happy.

  • David Pinon says:

    Hi David,

    I lived in China for 6 years, here are some other simple advises/cautions in order to stay in good shape before the competition :
    – Try to drink bottle of water from western (same concerning milk), even the famous water brand named Nong Fu is not reliable now.
    – Before eating any fruits, wash and peel them.
    – Normaly, all chinese dish are cooked, no raw food, which is pretty good for keeping your stomach healthy.
    – If you want to have a good night sleep, unplug the hotel phone
    – If you want your room to stay clean … don’t forget to put the toilet paper in the trash can, not in the toilet bowl.

    I wish you all the best

    • Thanks David. I have been doing just that. Funny, my friend Che just bought some spring water and asked me if it was safe, and I wasn’t sure. Then I read this 2 minutes later and asked him what brand it was.

      It was Nong Fu! LOL! Fortunately, he only had a sip. 🙂

  • David Pinon says:

    Actually, everyone, included chinese, thought that Nong Fu was the best water. But this year some test revealed that the quality of this water was lower than the national standard.
    So … take care!

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