April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

The concept of resurrection is one that we can all learn to use in a metaphysical way. I like to think of the story of the Phoenix.

The legend of the phoenix is centuries old, but it is an interesting tale that is relevant to our discussion. The phoenix is a bird that lives forever, shining brightly and beautifully as the king of all birds. However, over time it gets old and the feathers do not shine so brightly. So, the phoenix throws itself into flames and burns into ashes. From these very same ashes, he emerges – young, and as beautiful as ever.

This is similar to what happens when a champion fails to achieve a goal. He falls short, and his opportunity floats just out of reach. When a person fails, one of the first things they will experience is pain. It will burn throughout their body, punishing them for not completing a goal. Everyone reacts differently to this fire. Some let it burn for ages, falling into depression and refuse to let that fire die. For those poor souls, this fire will be a constant reminder of failure. It will scare them from ever attempting to fly again.

Those wishing to be reborn will let that fire burn out into ashes and accept failure. They do not fight it. Instead, they embrace it. They learn from their mistakes, rather than be tortured by them. They do not allow the fear of pain to force them into submission. They study the situation, analyze what went wrong, look at things that could be implemented to improve themselves. When this process is complete, they are reborn. Smarter and more prepared for future challenges. They understand that there are only truly two outcomes – success or learning, and neither is to be feared.

All great champions and heroes suffer failure in their lives. It is through these failures, that their great successes are born from. By challenging themselves, they overcome their fears. Even in failure, a champion learns and improves. He becomes more prepared for his next challenge. He is reborn every time, living a everlasting spiritual youth.

  • Great post David, thank you and Happy Easter!

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