October 23, 2013

China was a great learning experience for me.

  • I got to make a bunch of new friends, and strengthen old ties.
  • I got to compete and get the feedback I needed to make change in my training.
  • And I got to experience a new culture and see things from a different perspective.

I can’t thank my new friend Andy Pi of http://ww.BeijingBJJ.com for his warm hospitality during my stay in Beijing. He went well beyond the call of duty to make sure everything I needed was taken care of. It is rare to find people like him, and I look forward to returning his kindness soon!

After ADCC, I spent a few days eating. Andy took me to a “Hot Pot” restaurant, which is like Chinese Fondue. I got to try a bunch of food I have never experienced before, such as Lotus, which is a Chinese tuber with a similar texture of a potato with a star pattern. The most unique thing I tried was pig intestine or tripe. The best way of describe eating tripe would be to imagine eating meat flavored chewing gum. Not very appetizing, but I am glad I can say I tried it, lol!

After dinner, I went to bed to get ready for my flight to LA. After I said my goodbyes to Andy and Beijing. I left China at 12pm Wednesday with smoggy skies, only to arrive in Los Angeles at 12pm Wednesday with smoggy skies. I’m not sure how that time shift worked, but it is all pretty trippy.

Anyhow, I stayed in the Airport for a bit, because I didn’t have a hotel or car booked yet. With my phone dead, I had to get on the WiFi and search for nearby places to stay and train. I hit up my friends on Facebook, and got a few places to go to already. However, I am always open to suggestions, so if you know a place I should be going to, please drop a comment.

Also, if anybody is interested in seminars or private lessons with me from now until October 30th, feel free to hit me up at david@davidavellan.com.


    Check out Total MMA in Tustin

  • David Tice says:

    Hey David,
    Train with Gokor and Gene LeBell. Ronday Rousey will be there too.
    Gokor is the number 1 teacher of leglocks.

  • Anyone in LA:
    David will be a very unobtrusive and grateful guest. He is a true gentleman.
    What about your new Gracie friends? Or Eddie Bravo if he’s cool with you not indulging in the weed?

  • Aaron Gustaveson says:

    10th Planet and Gokor.

  • Bennie Johnson says:

    Checkout 10th Planet Vista

  • should come train with me, I train out of my house but am a blackbelt and can offer great training.

  • Definitely should go to 10th planet HQ.
    I think it would be refreshing to roll with guys who use alternate techniques.
    Never know, we could all see David Avellan using the rubberguard and putting people in twisters :-).
    If i’m not mistaken, Keenan Cornelius used some rubberguard in Adcc.

  • kevin ramsay says:

    gracie jiu jitsu grappling for the real fight,lol

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