April 20, 2012

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”

-Samuel Johnson

There is always someone out there that will tell you what you are doing is wrong. They will have many reasons as why you will fail.

If you had to sit and answer each objection, you would never have time to stand up and take action.

Know that in every plan there lies a flaw, a possibility for failure. No matter how skillfully crafted this plan maybe, somewhere lies a risk.

Does this mean the plan is not worthwhile? Of course not! If the path to success was risk-free, everyone would be doing it. While the risk may scare off most, do not let it make you stray.

Create a solid plan and take action. Your journey to success will have ups and downs. Those who stay the course and follow through with persistent action will be able to enjoy the journey and achieve their goals as the nay-Sayers watch and call them lucky.

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