April 9, 2012

First off I had a blast with this past weekends webinar.

It was cool to be able to share techniques with people from all over the world in places such as Australia, the UK and even China. We also had UFC fighters Tim Credeur and Alan Belcher in the house!

After the webinar, the group voted that they wanted to see sweeps in the next webinar. So today I want to ask you from what position do you want to see sweeps from?

  1. Closed Guard

  2. Half Guard

  3. Butterfly Guard

Vote now by dropping a comment below with your vote!

  • Closed Guard would be great, thanks!

  • Michael Moore says:

    I would like at least one from all three—and possibly chain sweeps that might cover sweeps from 2 different positions–i.e failed half-guard sweep turns into butterfly sweep. Would also like to know how to prevent darce choke as you’re diving your head inside for half-guard sweep

  • I would like to have some more on the Half Guard and the transition from it to Butterfly đŸ˜‰

  • I vote for Butterfly Guard sweeps first,closed guard is my second choice.

    Thanks for all the great material!

  • Butterfly guard is looking good. I have a sweep series that I use that would fit just great. It also has transitions from closed guard and half guard.

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