June 15, 2022

The Kimura Trap System is now available in two parts from BJJ Fanatics!

This is the new and improved Kimura Trap System that was filmed out at their HQ in Boston. It’s been 10 years since I released the first edition of the Kimura Trap System, and while I have made updates throughout the years, this is the first complete overhaul of the system.

In this edition, I have added more details to many of the techniques, making them even more effective. I also have added more techniques to the system, as well as restructuring the format I teach them in. I found after teaching many seminars and camps that making a few tweaks made for easier learning and implementation.

On the technological side, the BJJ Fanatics platform allows for users to download the videos, or use their phone app to access your content – something I know many users will be happy to hear.

What’s even better, is that you don’t have to wait – they are available now!

If you have enjoyed my content in the past, then you know what to expect from me. But I’m new to people on the BJJ Fanatics platform, so if you can do me a solid and leave me a review on their site to let others know, I would greatly appreciate it.

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