MMA Double Leg Setups 101

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To become the best, we must continuously test ourselves. We measure our performance, evaluate our faults, accept criticism and then work on improving ourselves before starting all over again.

I live by this principle, and I need your help! I wish to be the best instructor I can be, but I need feedback from you to know if I am doing a good job. Let me know if you liked or disliked what you saw in the video by entering a comment below. If you liked it, share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons at the top of the page.

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  • You forgot to mention watching out for a knee or uppercut when shooting in for a take down.

    • In this situations, we have initiative as we are slipping punches or making him defend them – so it would be very difficult for your opponent to do 2 things simultaneously. This is why I don’t take blind shots – they always have to be setup for MMA because then yes a knee or upper cut is likely.

  • Dale Cureton says:

    Really good instructional. I haven’t done Jiu-Jitsu in 12 years but I really like the way you teach it. No bullshit stuff. I maybe buying the kamura trapping system soon. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

  • David Robinson says:

    I like the first one is easier one I’ve always use when I I’ve ever decided to take somebody down I’m not really a grappler I’m more of a striker

  • Milton Sheppard says:

    Thought it was a good demonstration, easy to follow and understand. The routines also makes for good exercise if your just working out too. Now, the video was good because of it’s content, however your Audio had a little too much background noise. Also it could have been shot a little tighter, that way it would put more concentration on you and your partner instead of showing so much of the room you were in. I’m a photographer and I shot video, just a little suggestion. Otherwise keep doing what your doing! Take care!

  • Very nice. Thank you for this. It helps me alot.

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