Worried about getting tripped from a standing guillotine?

After a bunch of requests, I finally bring to you my new and improved video reviews!

This review is from a match with my black belt Jason Soares (Back Attack Series). I think he was a blue belt at the time of this video, but nevertheless he pulled off some sweet moves!

The one that caught my eye right away was the very first move of the match. His opponent shoots in and he stuffs it and slaps on a nice standing guillotine. His opponent does the right thing and steps behind his leg to setup the trip.

But what happened next was a thing of beauty. It was so simple I wonder how come I have not thought of this combo before. Besides that, there is a few strong submissions, guard passing, and a nice finish too – all in less than 3 minutesCheck it out:

  • David, thanks a lot for the commentary. In this and other videos, I like when you compliment the other guy on defending well, but please also comment on anything your guy might have done better.

  • That’s a nice and intuitive counter to the trip attempt….sort of an uchi mata!

  • Can you do a video explaining the choke in full detail?

  • Luca Biasci says:

    A very impressive Sparring!!! That ‘s the real way to learn for me…very good! Thanks so much David!

  • very good transitions in there!

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