October 2, 2013

That’s right!

No secrets are kept from those who seek knowledge from me. I want to share the system of martial arts we teach at FFA (Freestyle Fighting Academy) with the world!

I have loved emailing everyone on this site with informative tips and techniques, so I wanted to expand my contribution to the martial arts world.

I introduce to you:


FFA Coach is an online video coaching portal that has been made to make accessing my academy a breeze. You can watch us teach classes, do conditioning drills, sparring, rolling, teaching techniques, competing, and more!

We also have Forums, where you can discuss current events in MMA, ask us questions, or make video requests on what you want to see shown next.

There is also what I consider the biggest feature – our rotating monthly curriculum. We have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level curriculum that we use to teach our students at FFA – now being shared online for your benefit. You can watch all the techniques on the curriculum be taught, and download a written curriculum to review later.

Go ahead and check it out now, we offer free guest access to the site:

Get Your Guest Pass To FFA Coach Now!

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