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Kimura Lockdown in Action – Match Review


Edgard “the Dream Killer” Plazaola is one FFA’s up and coming fighters that will be taking names. He is currently 4-0 as a pro MMA fighter, all by submission and TKO.

But before he got his start in MMA, he was grappling. In this match, we see a blue belt Edgard cutting through his opponent with a beautiful take down, some solid knee cuts, and ultimately the kimura lockdown finish. Take notes and use these same attacks in your game!

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Alan says February 2, 2018

The best to watch your breakdown love the learning tool🌈🙏🏼

Ot says February 7, 2018

You said his leg was on the shoulder during the lockdown where should Edgar leg should have been

    David Avellan says February 7, 2018

    If you look at 5:30, Edgard’s foot is on his hip. He needs downward pressure on his opponent’s shoulder. Sometimes this is accomplished by squeezing your knees together. Or, my preference, is to thread the top leg in between his legs and straighten it out. For my details, get my course: Kimura Trap System

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