Kimura Lock Down to Leg Locks

I am ashamed that I didn’t think of this myself, being that I have tapped out more people with leg locks than I can remember.

Josh “Star-Lord” Leduc (http://www.sapateiroinvitational.com) put up a video showing this easy transition, so I had to put up my take on it and add it to the Kimura Trap System.

The beauty is it’s so simple to do, and the opponent is so distracted from the Kimura, he doesn’t have time to react well to defend. Really a genius combo here ladies and gentlemen. Add it to the arsenal and start giving your partners more to worry about than their shoulders. 🙂

You can check out the whole Kimura Trap System below – now over 5.5 hours of everything Kimura. From take downs, sweeps, submissions, transitions, and counters. This system is so deep that if all you did was this, you would have a very well rounded game.

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