November 15, 2020

It’s true.

I’m getting out of the DVD business, and moving on. As a result, I’m going to let go of the remaining DVD sets I have in inventory at prices I have never put them on before at FFAcoach.

I even made a bundle of all the remaining DVD courses (Platinum Super Package) that is ridiculously marked down.

Just visit my online shop below to see how low I went on this.

I know some of you will be sad to read this, but not to worry – I’m not done teaching. I just decided against making DVDs after selling out on Kimura Trap System DVD sets.

The vast majority of my orders are for online courses now, and it really doesn’t make sense anymore for me to continue to make DVD sets, as they have inferior video quality, and are not updateable.

With my online courses, I have 4K video, you can skip between techniques super fast, can access them anywhere you have a phone, and I can always update the course with new videos when I need to.

I know there will be a handful of people that will still be upset about this, and if that’s you – you should be taking advantage of this opportunity now. Because once I finish selling out these remaining DVDs, they will become collector’s items. 🙂

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