April 11, 2019

Pretty sweet deal huh?

So I have been seeing a lot more Kimura courses being made recently, but unfortunately many of the preview videos I see are littered with mistakes.

I don’t want the next generation learning the Kimura wrong, especially on the first time around. So I made the Kimura Fundamentals Course so everyone can learn the core principals properly.

No charge on this one. Consider this my community service. 🙂

I teach 4 techniques on this course over the course of 48 minutes, so I really dug deep to extract as many “little details” as I could.

Even if you have the Kimura Trap System already, it’s worth watching this as a refresher, because if you haven’t been keeping up to date with my latest videos, you maybe missing a few details to achieve Kimura mastery.

All you have to do to get access is:

  1. Click below
  2. Click the “Watch More” button and enter your info
  3. You maybe asked to confirm your email
  4. Check your email for login credentials
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