October 13, 2013

You got to deal the hand you are given.

You won’t always have access to state-of-the-art equipment, world class training partners, or high-level instructors.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make lemonade with those lemons life has given you. 🙂

I got in two training sessions yesterday and got a good sweat going in my hotel room. I was fortunate to have a large living room area in my room, so I cleared it out and made it a makeshift dojo.

Had a solid 40 minute workout in the morning, with 8x5min rounds of shadow drilling, that consisted of:

  1. Jogging
  2. Sprints
  3. Shots and Sprawls
  4. Shadow Wrestling
  5. Shadow Boxing
  6. Shadow Boxing
  7. Shadow MMA
  8. Shadow MMA

Got a very good sweat flowing at the end of it, and then finished with a hot bath to loosen up.

I’m being very cautious with food here, so I have been eating mostly fruits, nuts, and eggs. I went to the grocery store after training and bought some chicken breast that I am going to cook today. My room was supposed to have a kitchen, but I got jipped and it didn’t have one.

That is why you always have a plan B – my NuWave oven.

Thing is a champ and cooks everything awesome, so I am happy I made the space to bring it. I will let you know later how everything turns out, lol!

My evening training session was simple, just 20 minutes on an elliptical, 10 minutes on a bike, and 10 minutes shadow boxing.

Today, I found 3 BJJ academies within an 8km radius of my hotel, so I am reaching out to them and will hopefully be doing some training there tonight with Cyborg. For this morning, I will be doing another round of hotel training 🙂

  • Good thing you just have to stay fine tuned. “glass half full”

  • Hi Master David wishing you all the best I’m following you all the way to the title from your London fans!

  • Why are you doing shadow boxing and shadow mma when you are getting ready for a grappling tournament? Thanks for the NuWave oven info. I hope your trip ends up thoroughly enjoyable even with these hiccups.

    • Hey Chris, the shadow boxing is a great workout that doesn’t require any mats or equipment, which is ideal in my situation. I just need to get a good workout and sweat in, so for me it is like jogging or doing an elliptical.

      I have great news that I will be sharing with you all tomorrow 🙂

  • Thats great Champ water and nutrition and light training are key right now .Plenty of time after compition for checking all out.You are a trained warrior pretend you are facing a difficult enemy in a foriegn land.Have small viles of honey on days of matches this will give you natural energy and takes butterflies out of your stomach .Then you can be calm and clear and be ready for anything. Sugar Ray Robinson had 10 people with him when he went his own cook and barber.

  • One more thing Colombo All these other guys are watching you like a HAWK to see if there is a weackness in your game they can use against you if they face you in the finals !!!I know you know that Champ just a reminder.

  • jhosmil alvarado says:

    hi Master Avellan i am one of Justin Garcias students from jungle gym martial arts, if you need a place to train there is a school i have been training in and i have been helping several students get ready for ADCC. amazing training its called BIGKING the website is Bigkingbjj.com come by and get good hardcore training before ADCC

    i was at jungle gym when you did the seminar on the kimura trap it was amazing and here is my email alvaradojhosmil@gmail.com

  • jhosmil alvarado says:

    i will also be at ADCC working the event hope to see you soon. osssss!!!!

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