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A More Powerful Way To Pummel From Over Under


Pretty much everyone who trains has pummeled before. Usually during warm ups, where it is more of a dance than it is a technique. 🙂

The likelihood of you using that flowing style of pummeling against a resisting opponent is close to nil – at least from my experience.

Instead, I like to use a more powerful pummel. I actually learned this particular variation from former UFC Champion and MMA legend Tito Ortiz. It involves using your hips to bump your opponent as you jack up your under hook, which is going to put your opponent off balance and create a pocket for your to pummel in with. Heck, even if you don’t get the double under hooks, you could trap the arm and still be as effective (arguably more if you slam them on that side and they can’t post).

To finish it off, I use the knee reap for the take down. It is low risk, high reward, and minimal effort with a lot of chain sequences to build off of.

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Todd says July 14, 2018

Nice technique for establishing double unders. What would be some high percentage sequences to follow up with, if the knee reap doesn’t get the take-down?

    David Avellan says July 14, 2018

    A lot of techniques you could do. I continue the series on FFAcoach.com

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