Hip Cutting against the Knee Shield

Hip cutting is a powerful way to get passed open guards, and particularly the knee shield. By cutting your hips, you are rotating them 180 degrees, which allows you to either roll over or under whatever frame is blocking you. So for a knee shield, we can cut our hips to roll over it by pointing them down.

But it isn’t something you typically do just once. You might pass the knee shield, but he could still frame with his arms, so you can cut again to go under his arms, and again to go over. In fact, you can cut as many times are you need to.

The other good thing about hip cutting is that each cut brings you closer to their head and further from their legs. A good hip cutter is a menace from top. A good example of a hip cutter is Andrew Wiltse. I have seen a few matches from him and the man’s hips move like a tornado, which is one reason why he does so well passing.

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