High Tripod Pass

The High Tripod Pass is a great way to establish dominant position once you have achieved a solid angle. After the bullfighter throw by, you will end up perpendicular to your opponent. That doesn’t mean you have passed yet, as their legs can be tucked in and they could be posting on you as well with their arms. Close but no cigar.

Whenever we have this type of positioning, a High Tripod awaits. Our head becomes one of the bases of our tripod, posting on their chest or ribcage, while our 2 feet are the other bases. Our hands slide from the knees down their legs. Our far arm goes inside their far hip crease, while the near arm posts on top of the near thigh. From here, we can then walk towards their legs, as we frame their far hip away from us (rotating their hips to point away) as the near arm pushes their near leg down.

The finishing position will put you in a dope mount – a terrific attacking position. We have all sorts of options here depending how we want to proceed.

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