April 12, 2012

Yes, you can get your MMA questions answered by me in my new segment that I will be adding to my website.

Your video can be asking me about advice with a certain technique you are doing, analyzing what you could have done better in a match you filmed, or my opinion on a certain technique. As long as it is BJJ/MMA related, I will review your video and then answer it on video.

In order to get me to review your video, I need you to follow the guidelines below. Any request that does not follow the rules below will NOT be reviewed.

Also you must be subscribed to my email list. If you haven’t done so already, just enter your name and email in the form to the right.

Here is how it works:

  1. Upload a Video to YouTube
    • Title must have DavidAvellan.com in it
    • The description must start with the following (CUT AND PASTE):
      • Check out https://DavidAvellan.com – where to watch MMA online and learn martial arts at home with more free videos, techniques, diet, and MMA tips.
    • Use only the below tags for the video (CUT AND PASTE):
      • “David Avellan” “where to watch MMA online” “learn martial arts at home” “how to get into MMA”
  2. Send me an email at David@DavidAvellan.com with the link to your video. Make sure this email address is the one you subscribed to my email list, as only subscribers will get to have their videos reviewed.

I will be reviewing one video every week on Thursday starting next week. Go ahead and prepare your videos!

  • Wow, that is really cool! Now I just have to think of what to ask.

  • Nice!!! I like this cool!! This will help me a lot!! Couch cause I don’t like the felling when someone takes my back!

  • I will be happy to help 🙂

    I am curious to see what people will send me. Remember to follow the directions above!

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