October 10, 2013

Tomorrow morning I will set off on a journey that I have waited two years to take.

The 2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships, hosted in Beijing, China.

My ADCC 2011 run was a disappointment for me. Not because I lost or because I got injured. But I failed to live up to my potential.

This time around I feel better than ever. I am in the best shape of my life, and my technique has gotten sharper. In my last two ADCC’s, every match I won in my division (4 out of 6) was by submission. I plan to continue this trend, and finish all my matches.

One important lesson I have learned is to leave nothing in the referee’s hands. I will be coming out much more aggressive, and fight out of every bad position regardless of what the referee says.

My goal – to show the best possible version of myself and give an amazing performance. I want to win over new fans and inspire people with my grappling abilities and heart. I believe that if I succeed in this goal, the gold medal will be mine.

It may sound like a simple task to do your best, but it is actually the most challenging. Every technique I hit must be flawless. Each movement I make must not waste energy. My focus must be like a laser to allow myself to do with I have been training to do for years.

I am excited that my opportunity is just around the corner, but rather than think about my matches for the next week, I will keep myself distracted with books. I find that focusing on combat this close to the match makes one restless. I have had months of visualizations already done, that part is now over.

My body is in as good as shape as it is going to get at this point, as is my mind. Now I am just maintaining this state of body and mind and allowing my body to heal 100% so I can do what I do best.

I will keep you updated on my progress by blogging my journal entries here, but if you want to watch my training sessions in Beijing, make sure you join FFAcoach.

  • May god bless your journey and give you the health and strength to fight at the best of your abilities. Go gettum!!!

  • You are ripped to shreds Master David you just be yourself regardless what anybody says!!! You have Master Marcos and Master Irving on speed dial for feedback.Is there a way we can watch them .I will send you the strenghth of TenTigers .The ancient Masters taught with a calm mind the mind is free to respond to any situation !

  • Good luck. I believe in you and i am looking forward to seeing you perform.

  • Good luck! And thanks for all good videos you have shared.

  • If you give it your 100% best effort, then you will be a winner no matter what happens. This trip will be great. The gold will not be the best thing you get from it. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • Don Rendall says:


    You look like you are in terrific shape and no one or nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. If anyone cn do it, you can! Vi ya con Dios.


  • Best of Luck Master David. Cease the oppurtunity cuz you don’t get to many chances in life. Know matter what, I know you will give it your all and what is meant to be will be. There is not much more you can do on your part, it looks like your in great shape, I know your mind is right and your techniques are second nature by now and you took the hardest step which was to show up now go and finish what you envisioned.

  • my best wishes to you I believe you’re going to do very well I enjoy your techniques and your approach to the sport I love

  • Wishing you the best ADCC performance ever.

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