March 30, 2012

Having a high level of discipline is the most important skill to master on your quest to success. Nearly every short coming can be traced back to a lack of discipline.

It takes a time to build discipline, but only a brief moment to break it. Many people get excited when starting a new diet or exercise routine and start with a bang – only to fizzle out after a few weeks once the rush is gone.

The fight world is no different. Being able to push yourself every day in training, while watching your diet, and keeping up with your day to day activities is a test of your discipline.

Building discipline is simple – it just requires practice. Constant, day in, day out, practice.

The other element necessary is motivation. Without a powerful motivating force, you will lack the will to maintain your discipline.

My simple formula for building discipline:

  1. Make a list of activities that you will do everyday.
  2. Get something that you can look, read, or listen to that will motivate you to stay the path.
  3. Use your motivational force and call upon every time you feel weak. The time will come – believe that!
  4. Do everything on your list, every day – NO EXCUSES!

This is how I have always managed to push myself hard. I use my goal statement to motivate myself. I then start my list very small and simple. For example, every day I run one mile, do 50 push ups and crunches.

After a week, I will add more to the list and make it more challenging. The key is starting simple with something manageable.

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