December 1, 2016

Since I started diving about 2 years ago, I have been wanting to see a whale shark. Sharing the water with a giant beast of up to 30 feet would be something to remember. I have tried several times when I went diving in Belize and Bali, but lady luck wasn’t feeling giving on those trips.

However, my luck has turned for the better in my vacation in the Maldives. I have spent the past few days living on a wonderful yacht, diving in the most wildlife abundant waters I have dove in yet. Thousands of fish surround you almost at all times of all different species. Octopus, moray eels, sharks, sea turtles – you name it and I have seen it.

But the whale shark is a bit more elusive, even though it is the largest fish in the ocean. It was quite the scene when our boat went out hunting for a whale shark. Every boat in the water is on the look out, and as soon as a sighting is made, it becomes a mad rush to get there and be in the water.

We were very fortunate that our guides were experts of timing, and we found 3 whale sharks and were placed right in front of them. These animals are massive! The biggest of the three was probably about 24 feet long. We got to spend about 10 minutes swimming with these gentle giants, and what a sight to behold. Take a look for yourself:


I will be out in the Maldives until December 8th, and I will be posting some new technique videos online once I do. I also have some exciting news about a couple new courses I will be making in December for you all. Cheers!

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