BTG 47 – Struggling

Rob and I have been struggling to get podcasts up on a regular schedule, lol, but that isn’t what we sat down to talk about. 🙂

Rather, we go into the importance of facing adversity, losing, tasting defeat, and being able to cope with the consequences. In a world where there are participation medals from first to 20th place, grading systems changing to avoid using “failing”, and kids sports that won’t keep score – we have a generation growing up that doesn’t know how to lose even in the most meaningless of ways. So we breakdown the importance of struggling and the many benefits it can bring.

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  • I honestly think for the kids level in wrestling a participation medal would be good. My son would ask if he was getting a medal sometimes. It’s such a hard sport I think it would help motivate kids. Losing is very important in life. It’s also important to have the extra kids on the mats too lol.

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