April 21, 2012

The best way out is always through. – Robert Frost

What need to be done is almost always obvious. The problem is not lack of knowledge; rather, it is making the decision to deal with the situation.

All animals try to avoid confrontation. In the primitive world, a confrontation was almost always a deadly predicament. Even the mighty lion will cower when faced with a foe of equal prowess.

In this fashion, we have associated that dealing with stressful situations can be dangerous. So even our mundane problems that we have created in modern society, which are usually social dilemmas that are not deadly, are treated in the same way as primitive animals handle life or death situations.

The devilish twist is that our problems that have been created by ourselves are only dangerous when we allow them to fester in our minds. The longer they lurk within us, the more destructive they are.

The irony is that we spend more time creating excuses and avoiding confrontation than it would take to to solve our problem in the first place. Quick decisive action is all it takes to rid yourself of this plague.

Whatever fears you may have about dealing with your problem are unfounded. By direct, and take life by the horns!

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