October 15, 2013

I was happy to wake up and see that my brother had just made it to the hotel room. We caught up a bit on current affairs, and then he dropped the bad news…

He got had toothe taxi scam strikes again!

Before my brother arrived, I was telling all the guys about how Cyborg and I got ripped off, only to find that Tanquinho had paid nearly double what we had paid. We all had laughs at our own expense, and said that we need to find someone who got scammed even worse than all of us.

Well, my brother just barely passed Tanquinho, and holds the new high score! Now we wait to find another victim to be the biggest loser. LOL!

Anyways, the day went well, as my brother and I set out to find a replacement for the NuWave oven. It was surprisingly easy to do, as their was a major electronics store across the street from our hotel. I was astonished to see that they had a near replica of the NuWave at the store. It didn’t have a price, so I asked the salesman. My brother’s instinct told him that it would be ridiculous, and it surely was. So, we opted for a low cost electric skillet at only $34 USD.

We got to put it to use today and cooked filet mignon and eggs for breakfast. Super delicious! So my cooking worries have been solved. 🙂

Cooking breakfast – filet mignon with just a dash of salt, pepper, and olive oil with 2 eggs.

Training today was great. I had a great drill session in the morning, drilling with “Rock” from http://BeijingBJJ.com. In the evening, I got to roll with Kron Gracie, and Cyborg, which was a lot of fun. Also got to pick up some more wisdom from Master Rickson Gracie afterwards, which is always enlightening.

After training photo with Kron Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, Andy Pi, Me, Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes, and João Gabriel Rocha
After training photo with Kron Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, Andy Pi, Me, Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes, and João Gabriel Rocha at http://BeijingBJJ.com

My weight was great today, and I woke up at 193.2lbs –  a full half pound below what I need to be. After breakfast, I was exactly on point. This was after having eaten 2500 calories the day before, and drinking 1.25 gallons of water – so I am not starving or dehydrated at all. I am feeling fantastic! This is going to be the highlight performance of my career – I can feel it in my bones.

  • Don Rendall says:


    It look like you have some great training partners and you are in fantastic shape. I am enjoying reading about your training routine. I predict that you will achieve your goal.


  • Good luck I know you will do well

  • Good to see all is going well. Except for the taxi scam of course :-). Cool picture. You’re gonna tear up the competition.

  • David Pinon says:

    What is the new high score now ? 400, 500 yuan ?
    In China, you can fall victim to scam in any shop, except supermarket. Even Hotels display wrong prices at the reception desk.

  • Mike lewis says:

    David man I love reading your stuff… You and your brother are on to something! Good luck I know you will perform at your best MN is cheering for you!

  • we’re rooting for you! take a leg!

  • Awesome! Best of luck. Do your thing bro.

  • Good thing Palhares is out! Lol JK. Id like to see a rematch superdight between you two. Much hespect! Go get em

  • rick morgan says:

    good luck, david! you’ll do great!

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