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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2018

Throw by from the Russian 2 on 1

Most clinches in wrestling come naturally. Head and arm, Over Under, and Under Hooks are pretty easy to get by accident. The Russian 2 on 1, however, is not something you stumble upon by accident. Untrained people generally have no idea what it is and how to deal with it, so it gives you that […]

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Cross Knee Block from Over Under

I remember when I first learned this back in high school I thought it was a bull crap move. It looked like it wouldn’t work. That is until I actually drilled it and quickly learned it works quite well! The key to the Cross Knee Block is to get the opponent to move towards the […]

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A More Powerful Way To Pummel From Over Under

Pretty much everyone who trains has pummeled before. Usually during warm ups, where it is more of a dance than it is a technique. 🙂 The likelihood of you using that flowing style of pummeling against a resisting opponent is close to nil – at least from my experience. Instead, I like to use a […]

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Rolling with my friend Kevin

Kevin was in town to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and being a smart man wanted to maximize the awesomeness of Vegas and do a private lesson with me. 🙂 Fortunately, we were able to make it happen. Normally, I have my students tell me what they want to work on and I create a lesson […]

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