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Kimura Trap System

Archive Monthly Archives: May 2018

Stuck on your knees on a Double Leg?

It happens to all of us at some point. You get in on a deep double leg but you just can’t drive up to your feet. Your opponent might just have crazy strong hips and keeps you from getting up. Don’t be scared homey! When things are spiraling out of control, that is when you […]

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How to Sprint with your Double Leg Shot

There are many ways to finish a double leg shot. You can sweep them off their feet in one motion (the classic double leg), you can lift them up and slam (think Matt Hughes), you can trip (think Pablo Popovitch and Marcelo Garcia), or you can sprint and run them over. Each of these finishes […]

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Escaping the Honey Hole with the Knee Frame

Being able to escape the honey hole is an important skill set to have – now more than ever as people are becoming increasingly proficient in this position. The Knee Frame is one of the more basic ways to get out of the honey hole. There are several variations of this escape, but I am […]

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Kimura Trap System in the UFC

ADCC Champion and UFC rising star Davi Ramos just won his fight against the tough Nick Hein in UFC 224 by using the rolling Kimura Trap setup from top half guard! This technique is in the Kimura Trap System, and I share it with you and break it down after highlighting Ramos use of it […]

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How to Teleport into the Honey Hole

This is probably one of the fastest ways to setup the knee bar or honey hole from having no grips whatsoever. When done right, it is like you teleported into the honey hole. 🙂 The back step into the honey hole should be a part of every leg lockers game. It is simple, quick, and […]

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Honey Hole setup from Top Side Mount

Most people from bottom side mount are worried about upper body attacks like arm locks and chokes. So when you fall back for a leg lock, they are really caught off guard. Make that leg lock a 411 or Honey Hole and you really got them in a bad spot! This is a very simple […]

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