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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2017

ADCC 2017 – The Rise of the Under Dog

Every edition of the ADCC World Championships has upsets, but this year the upsets were bigger than ever. What was unique to me was that I got to share the mats with two of the stars that had the biggest upsets of the day: Craig Jones and Elvira Karppinen. Each of them are part of small teams in […]

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Escaping The Double Leg Off Your Butt

Getting put on your butt is no fun, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. This is a common position during wrestling, and especially in MMA when people are working to scramble up to their feet. The defender can waste a lot of energy to work up to their feet if their opponent […]

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Guillotine Elbow Escape

The Guillotine Choke is perhaps the most basic submission hold in fighting. It comes instinctively to just about everyone. What isn’t so simple, is escaping a guillotine. Often, your instincts work against you and put you in more danger. In this video, I will show you what I call the Elbow Escape. This works for […]

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Become Stronger without Steroids in MMA and BJJ by using your Brain

Everyone wants to become stronger and stronger these days, and with the widespread proliferation of performance enhancing “supplements,” it seems harder and harder to find honest athletes that aren’t cheating. However, I will show you a way to get stronger without ever popping a pill or needle. You won’t even need to lift weights! This […]

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