April 22, 2012

Would you step into the cage with two other opponents in a free for all fight?

Just when you thought MMA was challenging enough, someone has decided to raise the bar and introduce a twist with San Do – three opponent combat!

I will be cornering Shah Bobonis, one of FFA’s rising stars, in a 3 man free for all MMA fight. I know it sounds crazy, but Shah is the definition of a professional fighter. He loves the challenge and always comes prepared.

So what are the rules? Three fighters will be fighting in a ring at the same time. As long as there is 3 fighters, the combat will be only on the feet. If an opponent is downed, the action will restart from the feet. Once a fighter is eliminated, the fight becomes a full-fledged MMA fight – 1 vs 1.

I am excited to see Shah in action once again, and as a coach I will have to be on my toes as we enter a new arena this coming Saturday. War Bobonis!

  • That is crazy. I imagine there must be a lot of cheap shots. Good luck!

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