October 19, 2013

My preparation was perfect.

  • I had a great night of sleep.
  • Had a great breakfast.
  • My weight was perfectly under control.
  • Had an excellent warm up.
  • My focus was laser sharp.

After not competing for about 1 year, I have never felt better stepping onto the mats. My first opponent was Rodrigo Caporal, a BJJ Black Belt and an accomplished MMA fighter. It was obvious that he had a Judo background, and we squared off for a good few minutes wrestling.

My brother had warned me that he liked to go for flying arm bars, so I noticed he was trying to set me up for one. Sure enough, he went for it and I was able to quickly take his back and sink in a rear naked choke. It happened so fast, I even surprised myself and didn’t really have the mindset to finish. He had a lot of fight in him, and was able to peel off the choke before I could readjust.

Then we continued our wrestling battle, and he went for a head inside single leg. I hit my patented Kimura Trap, and got him stuck on his back with one hook. I was close to getting the second hook, but he did a good job of defending and we ended up scrambling to our feet. He shot again, and I went for a Kimura Trap but I fell to my knees. Time was almost up, so I stayed conservative and defended the hooks. He got close to getting them in, but I was able to stand up as time went out.

We then went into two over times, but I was able to push the pace and threaten him a bit more and got the judges decision in a close match.

For the first round doing 20 minutes, I felt awesome. I could have done another 20 minutes no problem. My cardio is the best it has ever been in my career.

My second match was with Pablo Popovitch, someone I have been wanting to face for a long time. I knew going in it would be my toughest match, as he has great wrestling and BJJ. Sure enough, it was a wrestling match from the start, with a lot of measuring of us two. I knew he had a great arm drag to trip double, and was cautious not to reach out. Still, he managed to catch me with it and put me on my back. I quickly turned to avoid points, but he ended up getting the hooks in and scoring 3 points.

I then had a hard time escaping, while he was trying to catch a submission. I did manage to escape, but only with 30 seconds remaining I had top position. I worked to pass, then tried an Estima foot lock, which caused him to shoot into me. I jumped for a guillotine choke, but missed and he ended up on my back again. He was setting up an arm bar as time went out.

Although I lost, I did my best out there. In hindsight, my strategy was flawed in this match up. I was counter fighting a bit too much, when I should have been more aggressive with my take down attempts. Pablo’s speed with his double was incredible, and my reaction time wasn’t quick enough. I know against people with speed, you have to be first. I won’t make the same mistake twice! 🙂

I am preparing myself now for the Absolute division tomorrow. I have been eating clean and resting for tomorrow, and I know I am in great position to pull off a Dean Lister like run in the Absolute. My conditioning is amazing right now, and I know I can grind out any body on the mats. I will be more aggressive this time around, and learn from my performance today.

  • Joe Ferrell says:

    I’ve made the same mistake in a much much smaller
    competition. My mindset at the time was to just go in
    and not get my ass handed to me. I found that I was more
    than able to hold my own but my preparation had all
    focused around not losing, instead of winning, and that
    made it very difficult to change my game plan. Best of
    luck in the absolute!

  • David Pinon says:

    I wish you the best for tomorrow!

  • Paul Royal says:

    David, your self evaluation is very inspiring to me. Life has gotten in the way of me training, and now I have the hunger again.

    The way you described the action had me almost cheering you on! Go get it! It’s yours!

    God Speed.

    Paul (45 )

  • Good luck. Thanks for the insight on preparation and self-analysis.

  • Chris Cardella says:

    You are a great competitor. Good luck tomorrow.

  • Great updates. Impressive performance. Go Get’em !

  • Don Rendall says:

    You obviously have the skill and stamina to win it all. Go get it. David no one and nothing can stop you.


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