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Cutting Weight with TitanFC Champ Jason Soares

Today’s video is a bit different than usual. Rather than showing technique, I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how one of my top fighters cuts weight.

Jason “the Specimen” Soares is 12-0 in pro MMA. He recently defended his TitanFC title by winning with a vicious KO. Fortunately, I was around during his weight cut, and I am showing you how the champ makes weight cutting look easy.

But don’t be fooled!  It only looks easy because he has a lot of experience and mental toughness. But if you want to know what it takes to make weight, go and take a look on how he works his cut:

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Bobby Nagao says February 7, 2019

How much weight did Jason have to cut?

    David Avellan says February 7, 2019

    15-20lbs I believe.

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