Wall Double Leg Kimura Trap to Cross Switch

One of the best times to hit the Kimura Trap is off the wall or cage. Why? Because you don’t need to have fast reactions to make it work. People are used to resting and biding their time on the cage for the right moment to finish their take down. This gives you plenty of opportunities to counter.

We start off by using a classical defense to a wall double leg, which is to split our legs and create a wide base, using a over hook and driving your chest over their head to break their position. We then strip their hand off our leg and force them to go into a head inside single leg. From here, it’s just like countering a head inside single leg, except we want to take a small turn away from the cage so we have room to throw them.

Sometimes, your opponent can punch their arms down and break your Kimura grip. Off the fence, this gives you a unique ability to hit the cross switch. Normally this would be an unstable position out in the open, but against the cage, your opponent is pinned against it and can’t really counter. This allows you to get a strong top position with great ground and pound options.

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