Rolling into Deep Half Guard vs the Squeeze Pass

This was one of the first counters I came up with to a Squeeze Pass. It’s also a last option, as I use it primarily when the opponent is already get their knee over my hips and the pass is about to complete. We simply get a single leg on the passing leg and roll into a deep half guard.

If you got them off guard, you can sweep them right off this, as the under hook arm will be trapped and since you have their leg, they have no posts. Usually, they post, and it puts you into a deep half guard. We have all sorts of attacks from here, but I went with a standing sweep from here. The key point is to switch legs (go from his trapped leg to his free leg with an under hook), and then get your opposite elbow posted high above your head. That will allow you to execute a technical stand up, and work in to the sweep.

From here, you will end up in a tree top position, which is usually a done deal for most people. A simple back foot sweep ends the scramble, but sometimes people will turn and run away. Then we just pull them back and get the back mount.

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