Over Hook Harai Goshi

The Over Hook (or Whizzer) in wrestling tends to be used in a defensive capacity, but you can actually use it for some great offensive take downs as well. The battle between the Over Hook versus the Under Hook is all about dominating the shoulder. The Under Hook man wants to use his hook to break the posture of his opponent, while the Over Hook man wants to really crank on that arm and maintain his posture.

Secondary to the shoulder domination in my opinion is head positioning. I find it’s more important for the Under Hook man to have head positioning to score their take downs and utilize the position. The Over Hook man can still score without head positioning, but it’s better to have head positioning to make sure you negate your opponent’s offense first.

One of my favorite attacks from the Over Hook is the Harai Goshi. It is a powerful throw that can ruin the day of the Under Hook man. The main keys are:

1. Break your opponent’s posture before stepping through

2. Keep your hips over your feet (don’t reach)

3. Maintain control of their free arm so they can’t post out

4. Power through the up kick and upper body rotation, making sure to land in front of his hips, not over (prevents getting rolled through).

This also comes in handy when someone gets a body lock on you at an angle, and is a great way of countering that position.

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