Inside Trip from Russian 2 on 1 + Podcast with STA

The Inside Trip is a great take down that when hit right will floor your opponent and remove any possibility of scrambling out.


Because you will land inside their guard, so it is very difficult for the bottom person to scramble when you are between their hips. While it might be the highest scoring position, if you are dealing with a feisty person that is hard to keep down, landing in the guard is ideal to secure top position.

The Russian 2 on 1 is a great position to hit it from, as you will be able to remove their arm completely out of the way – giving you a clear path to hit your inside trip.

Over the weekend I did a podcast with Show the ART reviewing this past UFC, and talking about training Smarter vs Harder. A good listen for everyone who has or plans on training for the long haul. You can check it out below and let me know your thoughts:

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