Escaping the 50/50

Nowadays, everyone and their mother is getting knee deep in leg locks. I remember 13 years ago I was one of the few that traded in the leg exchange and collected quite a few wins through it. But now you need to know your way in and out of these precarious positions more than ever.

In this video, I go over some basic principles of staying safe in the 50/50, and how to escape it entirely with minimal risk. I credit my friend Alan Belcher for this escape sequence, as he showed me this system of defense that he famously used in his fight with Rousimar Palhares to calmly work his way out of a very scary leg exchange that he came out on top by TKO. Since then, I have also had the OG of leg locks, Dean Lister, also break down his defense strategies at my academy in Miami.

So go ahead and watch the video, and share your thoughts on the comments below.

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