Double Foot Kick Sweep

Some top players will pressure from standing against a grounded opponent, allowing them to deliver greater striking power while keeping their upper body safe from submissions. The classic back sweep is the usual answer to this position, but a strong defender can easily counter by keeping their hips forward and feet back.

There is almost always a counter to a counter, and the double foot kick sweep is the answer to a stubborn standing attacker. Rather than leaving your legs dangling by their sides, you pull your knees in and get both your foot over their torso. Just like with the back sweep, you hold their ankles, and then kick out with both feet like doing a leg press.

The resulting fall can be devastating, and you get the option to “kick” them if you don’t place your feet on their body first. The beauty of this is that it leaves you in a much safer position against leg locks, as you will be able to retract easily to a standing position yourself while controlling their ankles the whole time.

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