Crazy Fight Shows the Flaw In Submission Only

This is such a crazy fight. I don’t think I have ever seen so many submission attempts in one round of MMA. Makes me think it was staged, but the amount of crank on the submissions was just brutal – especially the knee bar. Hurts just looking at it!

This opponent (in long shorts) appears to have extreme flexibility, be double jointed, or just has no concern over his health. If you face someone who appears to have unbreakable limbs, go for a choke or TKO. Expending all that energy on the same submissions over and over with the same result is insanity.

No one is immune to being choked out. A strong choke like a rear naked puts you in a good position regardless if you finish or not. It also allows you to strike to score a TKO as well.

As a fighter, you need to be able to adapt and change strategies in the heat of battle. This is difficult to do, but must be done. You can see the submission hungry fighter is gassing hard at the end of the round. Learn to work smarter – not harder.

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