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Dan Faggella – Grapplers Quest Toe Hold Breakdown

For this blog, I will be having BJJ Black Belt Dan Faggella contribute an article that I think you all will learn something from. Dan is a No Gi Pan Am Champion, and has some great leg locks in his arsenal, which he will be breaking down below. If you are interested in learning how […]

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Should doing the most damage win a fight?

Shah fought tonight in San Do – a 3 man free for all MMA fight. He was able to use great foot work to evade his opponents while landing some great strikes. Shah landed a devastating liver kick to one of his opponents that left a huge welt across his rib (he later ended up […]

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Fight Review: TUF Live – Myles Jury vs Al Iaquinta

First, here is the official play by play MMAjunkie: [features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]TEAM CRUZ’S MYLES JURY (9-0) VS. TEAM FABER’S AL IAQUINTA (5-1) Round 1 – Josh Rosenthal is your referee. Iaquinta moves confidently forward with punches. Jury trying to keep some distance and use a reach advantage. Iaquinta flurries, and Jury just misses on […]

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