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UFC Fight Pass Leg Kick Break Technique

All leg kicks are NOT thrown equally.

 I had recently shared a video of one of my fighters, Edir “Belico” Terry, snapping his opponent’s leg with a vicious leg kick. This wasn’t an ordinary leg kick. I was something my brother Marcos and John Mangual had worked on with Edir for this fight.

Some people call this a low leg kick, I call it the calf kick. If you have never felt this kick before, it is brutal. Usually you don’t get your leg broken, but your calf muscle will cramp up very quickly (within 1-2 kicks) and your mobility will be severely impaired. Without being able to use your calf, you lose the spring to your step and become flat footed.

Especially for a south paw, the inside calf kick is even more brutal. In this video, Edir goes over where to hit and what to hit with to get the best result from this calf kick.

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Darryl Liner says February 22, 2018

Loved your Kimura Trap System

    David Avellan says February 22, 2018

    Glad to hear that! 🙂

Allen says February 23, 2018

Nice for street fighting

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