Bottom Half Guard Kimura Series – Elevator Sweep

Continuing from the Kimura Knee Lever, suppose our opponent posted with their free hand, killing your lever sweep. No worries, we were counting on that reaction.

By posting, that means he no longer is controlling your hips, and your hips being free to move can create all sorts of problems for the top person. My go to attack here is to make a small hip escape, so I can sneak in a half butterfly guard. Now we can go for the elevator sweep (aka hook sweep) by elevating the butterfly leg.

Some tips to improve the elevator sweep from the Kimura grip are first to not try to crank the Kimura. We aren’t trying to submit them at this point, so we actually want to pull the Kimura down and across our body. This causes their shoulder to drop, which will help turn their hips to make the sweep easier. Second is to post your forehead on the mat. This will allow us to rotate our hips towards the ground more easily. Third and perhaps most important, is to your free leg (the on trapped in the half guard originally) to post off the mat to help elevate your hips as high as possible. With an elevator sweep, the goal is to get your hips over theirs. So if your hips are low, you are going to have a hard time with this sweep.

Once your sweep, look to get to side mount right away and avoid getting stuck in their guard.

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