Body Lock Sweeps – Sumi Gaeshi

Back in 2005, I had a match in Grapplers Quest with Luke Stewart, a notable brown belt at the time. I noticed he tried to sweep me with a body lock from his guard, and had me in some trouble. Fortunately, my wrestling base allowed me to defend it and I went on to win that match.

But, I always study my matches the next day. So I watched, and saw what he was doing. I hadn’t seen anyone else try this before, and I started working on it. Soon enough, I was able to adjust it and make it work exceptionally well, and even came up with a series of sweeps from the guard body lock.

The first is the one he tried to get me with, the Sumi Gaeshi. What makes this body lock position work so well is that you are going to cinch up your opponent’s arms over their head – eliminating their posting arms. We then work a little leg magic to sneak in a butterfly hook and voila – sweep city. We can then take advantage and get a high mount and work right into an arm bar.

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