Back Mounted Kimura Trap

A Kimura Trap from being back mounted?

Of course! If you have been paying attention, you will realize you can hit a Kimura from just about every position in combat. I love doing this one, as most people get excited when they get your back and drop their guard. It’s important to note that I don’t look for the Kimura after I get back mounted – rather, I already have the Kimura and my opponent advanced to back mount. If you are giving up your back in hopes of catching a Kimura afterwards, that is a very risky game that will likely cost you. But if you already have the Kimura locked up, then you are good to go!

We can finish in a variety of ways, depending on our opponent’s reaction. You can catch them the Kimura or straight arm lock from being back mounted, but most people will lock hands to protect their arms. That’s why we have to shift our weight off our hips on onto our upper back so we can fall the other side (away from the Kimura arm). Once you do this, they are in a world of trouble. Their bottom arm will be trapped under your hips, while their other arm is getting torqued hard from the Kimura.

Even if they scramble to get on top, they will be on the wrong side of a reverse half guard, or get flipped out and end up back in the TV position.

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