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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2020

BTG Episode 27 – Warrior Spirit & Exploration

Rob fills us in on his new gym he is opening up in Las Vegas that will be a new MMA training facility, and the reason why he is developing it, and then him and I talk about UFC Fight Night 167 with the Diego Sanchez vs Michel Pereira fight ending controversy, which had people […]

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Did Diego Sanchez Take The Easy Way Out?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 73 Yes and no. Spoiler Alert: in UFC Fight Night 167, Diego Sanchez won by disqualification against Michel Pereira in the third round due to a knee on a grounded opponent. By all accounts, Diego was on the ass end of an ass beating. In the final sequence, Diego was dropped by legal knees […]

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BTG Episode 26 – Experience & Rules

Rob and I discuss the recent match up between new black belt, Roberto Jimenez, and Keenan Cornelius and go into a deep dive between the importance of experience and rules. A bunch of martial arts history and stories from use two result for a fun discussion. *NOTE* Unfortunately, there was some ruffling from Robert’s microphone, […]

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How fast did I get a black belt?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 72 It doesn’t matter. How much I can bench press, squat, deadlift, my mile time, medals I have won or anything like that also shouldn’t matter to you when it comes to your personal progress. Too often, I get people asking for certain benchmarks or milestones that I have achieved and wanting to use […]

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BTG Episode 25 – Trust and Labels

Rob and I return from our travels to discuss recent tournaments, such as IBJJF European Championships and Kasai. We talk about Robert’s two students, Fellipe Andrew and Luciana Mota, becoming the #1 ranked IBJJF athletes in the world, and the journey they had, which brings about a conversation about coaching, styles, labels, and more. Subscribe: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/breaking-the-guard-podcast/id1474481692Google […]

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I have forgotten more than you will ever learn

#TrueTalkTuesdays 71 I remember one of my coaches jokingly tell a student of his this statement, and all of us having a good laugh. But sadly, this can be more true than anyone realizes. Anyone who has trained for a few years can tell you that their martial arts strategy changes over time. This is […]

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