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Kimura Trap System

Archive Monthly Archives: October 2017

Kimura Trap System Seminar at Legacy BJJ in Los Angeles, CA – October 23rd 7:30-9:30pm

Kimura Trap System Seminar at Legacy BJJ Monday, October 23rd, 2017 from 7:30-9:30pm 330 N. Victory Blvd Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 300-5884

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Rolling Knee Bar From Getting Crushed

In my last video, I showed you how to prevent yourself from getting cross faced and crushed from the bottom when going for the knee bar. Now the worse case scenario happens – your opponent bends his knee and is just about to cross face you. I’m going to show you what my friend Bendy […]

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Don’t Get Cross Faced With Your Knee Bar

One of the worst things that can happen after you hit the perfect knee bar is that you get cross faced and smashed within seconds. Not only do you lose your hard earned submission, but now you are in a really bad spot. Well fear no more, this video I have my friend Bendy teaching […]

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Black Belt Competitors Needed!

One of my black belts, Jason “the Specimen” Soares, will be competing later this month in a grappling competition and needs top level competitors to prepare. We are looking for lightweight competition black belt grapplers (between 150 to 170 walk around weight) to fly down to Miami for two weeks ASAP as no-gi grappling partners for Jason. The […]

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