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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2017

Cradle from Side Control

If you find yourself stuck on top side control with nothing going on, the cradle might be the solution to your problems. I have been inspired as of late to use the cradle more often, as I have some new variations from Robert Drysdale on the cradle. So I have been exploring the concept more […]

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There is stretching, and then there is this…

Being in the martial arts for about 22 years now, I have done all sorts of stretching routines and massage therapies with good success. However, it takes a good amount of time and consistency to get results, which is true for most things in life. Having recently hurt me knee, my girlfriend suggested that I […]

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Smashing the Open Guard with the Cradle

* I apologize about the audio, will do a better job of keeping the noise down next time 🙂 * I am a big fan of using pins to advance positions, and there is no better place for pins than wrestling. It is the ultimate goal of wrestling, and they have centuries of experience. BJJ […]

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Ouch my knee! How to deal with injuries

It all happens so quickly. I setup the truck from fours, and right away got a hold of his toes to finish the calf slicer. I was slowly applying pressure to finish the hold, but my partner spazzed out to escape and my knee popped. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of dealing with a sport […]

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